Living Room
Everything personalised. TV Units, Lightings, False ceiling, Pooja Unit and Wall panelling are our expert areas in decorating the Hall and other Living rooms.

TV Unit


A standard and conventional solution for a TV holder along with open shelves on sides which are easy to access.


A modern style TV Unit with closed shelves sitting on the floor and the layout for the unit is highly customizable.


Designed for those music lovers who want to mount their home theatre system alongside the television. This unit can also be customized with Shelves, Drawers and Doors.


This wall-mounted TV unit offers an open and clean floor space.  The TV can either be placed on top of the unit or mounted on the wall by burying wires and ducts inside it, giving a complete finish.


Putting all the available choices at one place, we build this whole big entertainment unit that covers almost every part with various open and closed shelves for storage purposes.  

Lovely Clients

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Staircase and Balcony Handrails

For a good residential ambience, the staircase should completely disappear into the décor of wood and glass. This combination of material enhances the appearance of the entire living room. Use of toughened glass ensures the strength of the handrail and guardrail in staircases and balcony.

Wall panelling

When the wood panelling of the backdrop of the TV Unit travels from the wall to the ceiling, it visually connects the different levels of the home. Choosing to panel the wall of the TV Unit makes it as the focal point of the living room.

Decorate your ceiling

Now-a-days ceilings are not just roofs, they can be designed in a way to adjust the light uniformly and act as a thermal insulator. A wide range of designs are available with various materials as per the need like gypsum, PoP, wood, etc.,

Wall partitioning

To entirely transform the look of wide space available in your Living room or Bedroom or Kid’s room, wooden wall partitioning is a wonderful option. You would love the ambience when the entrance between each open room is covered with aesthetically designed partitions made of composite woods.

You Name it

We Make it

The designs that we suggest are only our suggestions. 

To create a wonderful interior for your home, you can always let your imagination run wild and we are here to make it a reality for you.

Interested In Our Services

Up to 10 year Warranty

With expert quality materials you will find no flaws in the structure.  Though we have you covered with the extra warranty support

45 Days Delivery

 Our Customers love us for our punctual delivery.  Starting from choosing the design approach to installation we keep up the timing as promised.

Post Installation Service

It’s not that we forget you once the product is delivered.  Our care continues even after that.