Bed Room
Completely packed. In designing Storage & Wardrobes, Wooden Cots, Study Table and Home Office, we show skills of effectively designing the Bedroom space.


Standard Cot 

A standard form of bed-frame that comes with a low budget yet customizable as per the required size and head-side design.

Cot with drawers 

Making use of the bottom space of the cot is a good idea and with pullable big drawers, it becomes easy to access.



Cot with box storage 

If you don’t want to lose a single inch that can be used under the bed, this type of storage is the go-to option for you.  By lifting the top piece of the cot, you will get the entire space for usage.

Loft Coverage

The open loft area may look messy without a proper closing coverage for it.  We cover the top with a finish that matches the wardrobe, Cot and the Room shade.

Special Features of


  • We use soft closing technology hinges which gives you a smooth experience with each opening and closing of the shutters.
  • A small pair of bed-side tables is the most useful furniture in the bedroom which comes along with the Cot.
  • The space under the window can be transformed into any useful setup as per your need like a study table, laptop table, a mini home office or even a simple small storage rack.

Hinged Door Wardrobe

This is the most used Wardrobe type in India as it opens up widely to 90 degree outward giving full access to the storage. Can be customized as per the needs like sling bags, ties, scarves, belts by installing hangers and racks

Sliding Door Wardrobe

This offers the biggest advantage of saving the space in front and this kind of wardrobes are best suitable for smaller bedrooms.

Dressing Unit Wardrobe

With a full-sized mirror mounted on top along a couple of compact drawers on bottom is what one needs to keep the cosmetics, perfumes and other makeup products.

Customized Wardrobe

If the shape of the bedroom is not perfect, we make a perfect wardrobe for it. Customizing the overall layout, fixing the dressing unit or computer table or study table as part of the wardrobe is also a best option for such bedrooms.

Up to 10 year Warranty

With expert quality materials you will find no flaws in the structure.  Though we have you covered with the extra warranty support.

45 Days Delivery

Our Customers love us for our punctual delivery.  Starting from choosing the design approach to installation we keep up the timing as promised.

Post Installation Service

It’s not that we forget you once the product is delivered.  Our care continues even after that.

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